Historical Attractions Around Rotorua

Historical attractions around Rotorua:

Rotorua is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations. From geothermal wonders to spectacular landscapes, it is well worth a visit to explore the cultural importance and historic sights of the region. Here are the best attractions that highlight the uniqueness of Rotorua.


Buried VillageBuried Village:

This award-winning attraction highlights the destructive nature of geothermal activity in the region. The eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886 destroyed the nearby Te Wairoa Village. The Village has now been partially excavated and is home to the Museum of Te Wairoa. The museum displays the largest collection of objects found after the eruption. Gain insights into the lives of the original settlers as they went about their daily lives and rituals. Take a stroll through the scenic walking tracks, where visitors can enjoy a walk through the revegetated grounds that were once buried under burning ash and mud.



Tamaki Maori VillageTamaki Maori Village:

Tamaki Maori Village allows visitors to immerse themselves into the cultural history of New Zealand. Experience a journey through traditional Maori rituals, performances, song and dance, and combat techniques. Meet the local tribal people from the area and hear their fascinating stories. Feast on a traditional Hangi dinner that uses traditional Maori cooking techniques of cooking underground.



Polynesian Spa: 

Private Pools at The Polynesian Spa Rotorua - Book OnlinePolynesian Spa is the perfect location to soak in the healing geothermal water, famous in Rotorua. With 28 hot mineral pools fed by two natural hotsprings that nourish your skin and help relieve tired muscles, aches and pains. Visitors are known to have come to the hot springs since 1878 as the soothing properties were known to alleviate the pain of Arthritis.



These are just a few of the attractions available of historical significance in Rotorua. if you would like to visit these attractions or any other of the best sights and attractions – buy one of our great value Super Passes before you visit Rotorua!