Bay of Plenty Gold Pass

From $44

Includes entry to Experience Comvita at Te Puke and Hells Gate and Rainbow Springs at Rotorua. FROM $90 PER PERSON



This drive yourself pass includes entry to some of the best attractions in the Bay of Plenty:

  • Experience Comvita
  • Hells Gate
  • Rainbow Springs including the Big Splash

Experience Comvita

Experience Comvita Guided Tour – Discover the amazing world of the honey bee and the wonder of nature’s intelligence.

Explore the healing power of nature through New Zealand’s native plants, including nature’s first aid kit; Manuka. Enter the world of the honeybee and see through the eyes of the bee – learn how they share the gifts of nature with us. Learn how Comvita extracts and processes this natural harvest to create health and wellbeing products of the highest purity to enhance your quality of life. Compliment your experience with a visit to Café Restore and explore our Comvita retail store.


Hells Gate

Hells Gate Geothermal Park is set in 50 acres with a large variety of thermal features. Walk past steaming fumaroles and hot pools of boiling mud so violent they are unnerving. Follow the footsteps of ancient Maori warriors through the swirling clouds of steam, past the hot pool where the Maori princess “Hurutini” lost her life. See the violent geothermal activity of the inferno and Kakahi falls, the largest hot waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere. Here warriors would bathe in the sulphurous waters to heal their wounds after battle and remove the “tapu” (sacredness) of war.

Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs Nature Park has been a favourite destination since 1932.  A combination of natural elements, the quiet majesty of the native bush, ferns, trees and plants, makes this park uniquely New Zealand.  Crystal clear cold water also flows tirelessly from subterranean springs. These springs are home to Rainbow, Brown, Brook Char and Tiger trout that cruise the deep fern-fringed pools.  Spread over acres of parkland, Rainbow Springs offers a truly unique experience and is a must-see for anyone wanting to get to know New Zealand’s wonderful environment and animals. You’ll also be able to experience the adrenaline rush of the Big Splash water ride. On the ride, you’ll be taken on a journey through the ecological evolution of New Zealand.