Experience Comvita – Te Puka

From $5

A world first visitor experience. Visitors enter a “virtual” beehive where leading edge multimedia and virtual technologies allows visitors to experience what it is like to be part of the honey bee community and see other wonders of the natural world. From ancient times when Maori harvested nature’s gifts from the land and sea to improve their health to how modern science is applied to create with nature, new innovations to revitalise the body and improve human wellbeing.



Experience Comvita begins as you enter the Manuka Grove, an oasis and place to discover the essence of Aotearoa, including New Zealand’s very special native plants and see and touch the world famous Manuka trees.

Admire the unique Maori carving telling the story of local history then enter Comvita Te Whare O Rgoa – the Home of Healing.

Now join a 60 minute guided tour exploring a world of natural life giving plants and the history of ancient Maori medicines. Then enter into the wonderful world of honey bees. Discover how man, science and nature are working together to improve human wellness. Visitors can see, touch, taste and purchase Comvita’s natural health and beauty products.