Skyline Rotorua – Gondola & 2 Luge Rides

From $41

Enjoy breath-taking views of Lake Rotorua on the Gondola and then race back down Mt Ngongotaha on the Luge – a world ‘first’ proudly designed and built in Rotorua!



Enjoy spectacular views of Rotorua in an eight-seater gondola cabin as you take a scenic 900 metre ride to the top of Mt Ngongataha.

On arrival at Skyline Rotorua, relax and take in the 180 degree panorama before hurtling back down Mt Ngongotaha on the Luge!

A world ‘first’ proudly designed and built in Rotorua, the Luge is a fun filled ride on a three-wheel cart.  The unique braking and steering system provides you full control and allows you to travel as fast or slow as you wish – an exciting ride suitable for all ages.

Take the Scenic track for your first luge ride (mandatory to become accustomed to the workings of the luge cart).  The Scenic track is a 2 kilometre run through the Redwood trees and you can stop at rest areas to take photos.  Fun for all ages and children up to the age of 6 can also be carried in tandem.

Fast Facts:

  • Skyline Gondola opens 9am and is open till late.
  • Lugeing finshes at 5pm in the winter and when it gets dark in the summer.
  • After making your booking online, you will receive a confirmation booking voucher which can be handed to the reception desk at the attraction or activity.