Velocity Valley – Flexi One Ride Pass


Pick one Pass- choice of one activity from Agrojet, Shweeb, Swoop or Freefall Xtreme



Pick ONE ride from the following –

SWOOP – The only swing of this kind in NZ! Pull the cord, take the ride! Dive head first into the action on the Swoop super swing! The thrill is significantly enhanced by securing you in body harnesses rather than being seated in a rigid structure. Feel the anticipation rise as you and up to two friends are slowly elevated to 40m (141 ft) high, where you will release your own rip- cord, sending your plummeting down to earth. The cables catch you just in time at exhilarating speeds of up to 130kph (80mph).
AGROJET – This ain’t no scenic jet boat ride… launch to 100kph (62 mph) in the blink of an eye and experience 3G’s of force in NZ’s fastest jet boat and the world’s first ever jet-sprint. Professional drivers take you over a high octane sprint course, weaving around islands and finishing with a full 360 degree spin that will leave you breathless.
FREEFALL XTREME – The only one in NZ! Freefall Xtreme is the closest you will get to being a super hero as you fly on a giant wind column! Our Trained staff provide you with a flight suit, training and a few tips and tricks before you head out onto the flight zone. Our team stays with you the entire time to ensure that you make the most of your free flight experience and they’ll even put you through a few twists, spins and barrel rolls. Fly for longer than freefalling from a plane. It’s real quick and easy to do it again when you are hooked – just double your time and climb straight back on board!There is plenty of room for friends and family to watch you fly and it will have them laughing till their sides hurt!
SHWEEB – The only one in the World!! Want to try something absolutely unique? Then get your race face on, lie down and pedal as fast as you can! This is one of the world’s most efficient human-powered machines – suspended aerodynamic racing pods! You can race at up to 50kph (30mph) against the clock, your friends or foes in a 600m race. The bullet-shaped recumbent (meaning lie back) pods run under two inverse tracks that weave 200m long and ride 5m high. Feel the inertia as you swing around every corner and beat the rest to be the best!

Terms and Conditions

This package is valid for one person and cannot be shared.

Velocity Valley is open:

Monday: 9am – 4pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9am – 4pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Minimum and Maximum requirements

Agrojet: Minimum height is 1m tall or 3.3 ft

Swoop: Minimum height required is 1m or 3.3ft.

Freefall Xtreme: Minimum weight required is 20kg or 45lbs, Minimum weight can vary depending on wind conditions. Minimum age 5 years old

Shweeb Racer: Minimum height is 1.3m tall or 3.6ft. Maximum height is 2m tall